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A segmented Bowl or Pot is made of rings made of 1 to 24 pieces of wood cut to exact mitered cuts. They are then glued together to make a circle. Each ring is then glued together to make the size of the bowl or pot. Most bowls or pots may have from 36 to 100 pieces of wood in them. After the gluing, they must set over night to insure a solid and complete bond. The next step is to turn to an exact shape and size.

After they are to a rough size and shape they are sanded down with 1500 grit sandpaper and one of many finishes is applied to a perfect finish.

A feature ring is normally installed in the middle of the bowl or pot. These can consist of up to twenty pieces of wood. Examples of these rings are Thunderbirds, Diamonds or Zig Zag, to name of few. I also inlay gem stone or ring caps to add a Southwestern look to my bowls and pots. I can also offer custom design to make you a one of a kind bowl or pot.

To contact us for more information or to purchase a pot or bowl please email us at:
or call us at: 928-242-2131 or 928-242-8127
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